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From June 2024 you can rent the legendary Granniegang
as an exhibition!

With the "legendary Granniegang",

older ladies in homespun superhero outfits ...

... photographer Susanne Krauss wants to create images that both satirize the stereotype of male superheroes and pay homage to the women who are still often simply overlooked today: Those of retirement age.

With the journalist Ulla Wohlgeschaffen as author, Krauss has found a wonderful comrade-in-arms who has written down the very personal

stories of the women portrayed.
She carefully traces the life stories of the women portrayed, who are not in the public eye, and gives the expressive faces a voice.

The stories of the Supergrannies are characterized by courage, resilience and great perseverance.

Through the conversations, even seemingly unimportant anecdotes told in passing suddenly gained significance for the protagonists.

The combination of Krauss's photographic portrayal as "Supergranny" and the fragments of her life story published here allows each woman to shine with a powerful greatness and significance that is visible to visitors to the exhibition.

​Susanne Krauss has been working as a freelance photographer and artist since 2004, specializing in portraits and reportages on the subject of people and society.

Her work has been shown at over 40 exhibitions worldwide and has received international awards, including the IAPBP Silver Award, 1st place Monovision Anwards/Portrait, Best of 100 Monochrome Awards, DA Finalist.

Journalist Ulla Wohlgeschaffen is passionately dedicated to projects on the topic of generations and sheds light on the possibilities of respectful and non-judgmental coexistence.

The exhibition can be booked for a small fee and consists of:
22 high-quality fine art prints:


Printed on white 250 g/m² matt Torchon Art Line paper,
paper size 3o x 40 cm, (just under DiA3 )
With original signature of the artist Susanne Krauss

and 22 accompanying texts

by Ulla Wohlgeschaffen:
Printed on white 250 g/m² matt Torchon Art Line paper
200 g/m²,
Paper size:21 x 29.7 cm (A4)  


​--> Shipment as insured parcel via DHL

Requirements for lending:

At least 2 weeks duration

Hanging, as well as press and public relations work by the exhibitor
Presence of the photographer / author (for an expense allowance) possible by appointment.  


We will be happy to advise you on this.

On request, exhibition catalogs can be obtained at an exhibition discount.

Other formats suitable for your exhibition venue are also possible by arrangement (against reimbursement of production costs). Package prices are also available on request.

If you are interested and would like to arrange an appointment, please contact: photo(at)

Um die Ausstellungstexte anzusehen, Bilder bitte anklicken!

The exhibition includes all 22 pictures shown below
as well as the corresponding texts on the grannies shown!
Exhibition catalogs can be obtained on request with a corresponding exhibition discount.


Exhibition catalog

Softcover DinA 4, 52 pages, 2
00 g picture print, glossy

Pictures by Susanne Krauss,
texts by Ulla Wohlgeschaffen

Each woman depicted in this catalog tells her very own story.

Package prices for the exhibition on request.

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