Susanne is member of FREELENS

and supports the following organisations:


Survival International is the only organisation in the world that works exclusively for indigenous and recontacted peoples.

It helps them defend their lives, protect their land and determine their own future.


Medicines sans frontiers - provides independent medical emergency aid in crises and after disasters in around 60 countries worldwide.


Dein Sternenkind - is a platform of photographers who volunteer their time to take free souvenir photos for affected parents whose baby has already died in the womb, or who are inevitably about to die the newborn. Your Sternenkind works successfully with almost all obstetric wards in German-speaking countries.


Other organisations in which she is particularly interested:

Ammnesty International

Gesellschaft für bedrohte Völker

Terre des Femmes

BUND Naturschutz



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